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Super Mothers

One of the important qualities that a breeder takes into account in his selection is the fertility of the mare. This is understandable, because what good is a champion mare if she is not able to pass on her genetic potential, or at the cost of high costs to get in foal or maintaining pregnancy. 

On average, broodmares produce 8-10 foals in their lifetime (the highest recorded record is 26 foals), breed, general management, mare health, etc. of course play a role.

Akhal Teke mares are generally good mothers, with good fertility, yet I was surprised at how many real super mothers there are among them, especially considering that some lived at a time when there were no special feeding, pregnancy aids, and reproductive techniques and diagnostics were in their infancy ....

The absolute record holder in the number of pregnancies and births is the tiny bay 1903 Aria, born at the studfarm Dagestanskii in 1980, with 19 foalings, although in one case the foal died after birth. Aria's sire was the 1600m record holder, not tall but tough (he had 60 starts on the track in his life) and very fertile 883 Kaltaman, and her dam was the daughter of another record holder (858 Ametist, 2000m record), the mare 1899 Alycha 2. 
Aria did not race, as a two year old she "started" with an unknown stallion and in 1983 Akter was born from this covering. Subsequently, she was given a year off before she was covered again. She had her last foal as a twenty-six year old, dying two years later in 2008. Two of her sons became sires, namely 1167 Gelisikli 2nd (985 Dagestan) and the multiple Champion of the Breed 1347 Amuzgi (1095 Polot), whose one year younger full brother Alim moved to China. Six of Aria's daughters were used in breeding, including 2551 Alagez 30 (1029 Anchar), the dam of multi-champion 1319 Ailazat (1126 Alaman 8), who worked as a sire in Kazakhstan. Other broodmares out of Ariya are 3218 Afganka (1407 Gazanch), 2090 Agata (995 Kerzi), 2670 Graciya (1038 Gaisan), 3666 Markiza 7 (997 Markiz), Aisu (1150 Gaigisiz). 

The second place with 18 foals belongs to 26 Arab´s graundaughter, black mare 1440 Afisha (670 Avangard-1386 Forma), born in 1964 at the studfarm Lugovskoi. Afisha passed 4 starts on the track as a two-year-old without placing, as a three-year-old she started her breeding career. She produced an impressive 17 foals in a row, taking a break in 1985 to finish her breeding career a year later with her 18th foal. Some of Afisha's offspring were sired by English Thoroughbred stallions, yet she also made an impact on the Akhal Teke breed through her son and two daughters- Afisha's son 1026 Alagir 10 (668 Absent) competed in dressage competitions and later worked as a sire. The daughter 1885 Abaza (854 Akbelek 2nd) became, among others, the dam of Derby winner 1148 Gazir, and 1713 Aksu 9 (668 Absent), the dam of the successful racehorse 1046 Gercog. Afisha died in 1986.


1440 Afisha

Ex aequo, 2nd placed with 18 foals is 1119 Angara,  although in two cases the foals died after birth. The grey 1119 Angara ((690 Askol-1350 Suchona), was born in 1960 at Lugovskoi studfarm in Kazakhstan. She raced 13 times as a 2-3 years old, won 6 times (including Budyony Prize and Prize of End of Season), 4 times finished 2nd and once 3rd. She foaled first time as a 6-year-old, and her last foal was born when she was 24. A year later she was retired from breeding. Her son, Derby winner 1116 Agnec (858 Amethyst) and five daughters (1723 Arkada 3, 2130 Alba 3, 2142 Ara, 1730 Galija 8 and 1869 Chvatka) were used in breeding. Last year's Russian Champion  Pinar Saks traces her direct maternal line to Angara through her dam Povilika (also a Champion), granddam Ara, great-granddam Metel and great-great-granddam Alba.

1119 Angara (Askol-Suchona).JPG

1119 Angara (690 Askol-1350 Suhona)

2142 Ara (Ararat-Angara).JPG

2142 Ara (860 Ararat-1119 Angara)

Five Akhal Teke mares became dams of 17 foals - 1184 Elan and her daughter 1185 Elek, 1710 Aisona, 1998 Malva and 2608 Akhcha 9.

1184 Elan (100 El-740 Kedy), black, was born in 1950 at the Ashgabat studfarm. She raced as a 2-3 year old 12 times, won 5 times, twice finished second twice and twice third. She had her first foal at the age of five, and her last at the age of twenty-five and lived to the age of thirty. Eight of Elan´s offspring headed to breeding - three sons (780 Pik, 898 Klimat and 922 Suchty) and five daughters, of whom especially 1185 Elek (more below) and 1524 Enysh (779 Peren) left a significant mark. Enysh had a distinguished career on the track that included 34 starts at ages 2-4, including wins in the Kalinin Prize, Trial, Opening Season, and a second place in the Derby. She is the dam of  1520 Elsona (685 Angar), and therefore grandmother of the extraordinary 989 Karader, who graced the Turkmen national emblem for many years before being replaced by Janardag. Finally, let us mention that 1184 Elan was indeed a purebred Akhal Teke mare, without the slightest drop  of English Thoroughred blood. 


1184 Elan (100 El-740 Kedy) at the age of 26


1524 Enysh (779 Peren - 1184 Elan)

Elzada 1977 (Gaplan-Enysh, po Peren).jpg

1961 Elzada (721 Kaplan-1524 Enysh), succesful at the racetrack

1185 Elek (881 Kazbek-1184 Elan), bay, was born in 1961 at Askhabad studfarm. As a 2-year-old she raced 7 times, once won and twice placed 3rd. She foaled first time as a 4 years old, future sire 968 Pursat (779 Peren). Pursat performed for many years in the circus (13 years in total), he only went into breeding at the age of 16. Another son-sire was 936 Jalta (885 Kambar) with a five-years long career on the track (28 starts - 11 wins, 5 second and 3 third). There were also three daughters of Elek in the breeding, namely 2275 Ekebent (885 Kambar), 2277 Elan (866 Vatanchi) and 1778 Eserdje - the names of the last two are also known in the Czech Republic. 2277 Elan is the dam of 1195 Ekemen, and therefore occurs in pedigree of broodmares 2698 Davenda and 3940 Sirena, Eserdje is the dam of the stallion Pjakize, and therefore the dam of stallion Polotlize. Elek had last foal at the age of 24 and was retired from breeding a year later.

968Pursat(bul1965) Peren-Elek.jpg

968 Pursat (779 Peren - 1185 Elek)

1710 Aisona, palomino, like the most productive mare 1903 Aria, was born at the studfarm Dagestanskii in 1975. And as in the case of Aria, her sire was 883 Kaltaman. Her dam was extraordinary broodmare 1112 Alsona (dam of 943 Arslan, 852 Azat, mares 1408 Agava, 1416 Aishat, 1094 Aiden, 1412 Aina). Aisona did not race, as a four year old she started her breeding career. She produced offspring in her native studfarm (including 2120 Alabahar), at the studfarm Stavropol (including 2591 Ariadna, 2527 Azra - dam of Anis, who was used in breeding in Czech Republic), and also in the breeding of T. Pontecorvo (1128 Aladin, Alcak and later in Hungary breeding Ariman), to finally finish her maternal career in France, where she gave her last offspring at the age of 26. Aisona died at the age of 28.

Alčak (Amelit-Alsona)_edited.jpg
Aladin (Amelit-Aisona)_edited.jpg

Full brothers Aladin and Alchak (1028 Amelit-1710 Aisona)

1998 Malva (870 Garem 11-1820 Medeya), buckskin, was born in 1981 at the studfarm Dagestanskii, from where she moved together with the herd of other Tekes to the newly established Akhalteke department of Stavropol Stud in 1984. She raced as a 2-3 year old 16 times, won 3 times, finished second twice and third 5 times, and in 1984 she was awarded the 1st degree diploma at the breeding show in Krasnodar. She gave her first foal, 2392 mare Midia (949 Dornazarbek) at the age of five, Midia became the first ever Champion of the breed bred by Stavropol Stud in 1989 at the Tbilisi show. In addition to Midia, five other daughters of Malva (2851 Model, 2788 Madina, 3716 Merjengul, 3689 Mediana and 3731 Minara) and two sons, the successful full brothers 1552 Madj-Kan and 1573 Melebaidak, were used in the breeding. While Madj-Kan made only 9 starts but still his performance was rated 9 out of 10 possible points, Melebaidak made a total of 42 starts as a 2-8 year old and managed to convert 19 of them into victories (incl. Boinou, Mazan, Melekus, Gelishikli, Sprinter's Prize, Julduz, etc.), his performance was rated 9,5 points and he became one of the important stallions of Stavropol Stud. The third son of Malva, Mamed (943 Arslan), was imported to the Czech Republic by the Havlíček family, unfortunately left only partbred offspring.  Malva had her last foal as a 23 year old, she died a year later.

Malva (Garem-Medeja), 1981_edited.jpg

1998 Malva (870 Garem 11-1820 Medeya)

The last of  dams with 17 foals is 2608 Akhcha 9, bay, born in 1990 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. Her sire was the successful dracehorse, son of Akhal Teke icon 935 Yulduz, 985 Dagestan, her dam was 2143 Aralia, daughter of the 1800 m record holder 910 Opal. Nevertheless, Akhchka didn´t race and started early her breeding career at the age of three. Although the beginning did not look promising (the first pregnancy ended with abort and second with being barren), Akhcha made up for it in the following years. Eight daughters are used in breeding, the best daughter of Akhcha, 3228 Achelana (1499 Duburlan), was active in Europe (firstly in Alania stud, then in France), two of Akhcha's sons, Akveduk (1499 Duburlan) and 1363 Argon (1029 Anchar), the second placed in the Turkmenistan Prize and the Comparative Prize, a participant in jumping competitions up to 120 cm, were not very widely used in breeding. Akhcha gave birth to her last offspring in 2015 (2nd placed in Schamborant Prize and currently competing succesfuly in endurance, bay Kaspian). Akhcha died two years later at the age of 27.


2608 Akhcha 9 (985 Dagestan - 2143 Araliya)

Fourth place with 16 foals is shared by mares 1243 Kachakhchi, 1270 Kuban, 1355 Talant and 1434 Aragva.

1243 Kachakhchi (432 Karlavach-1244 Kachkyr), dark bay, was born in 1958 at Ashkhabad studfarm. As a 2-3 y.o. she passed 22 starts at the racetrack, in which she got 9 victories (including Probnyi Prize, Big Prize of 2 y.o. fillies, Oaks, Kalinin Prize, etc.), 4 times placed 2nd and 4 times 3rd. She gave first foal at the age of five, last when she was 27 years old. 9 of her foals aimed for breeding - daughters 1576 Kometa (779 Peren), 1463 Gul (747 Kir Sakar 2.), 2308 Kadali (894 Kerven) and 2182 Garramaz (960 Muhtar), together with five sons - 904 Melekush (747 Kir Sakar 2.), 1014 Telekush 2. (818 Telekush) and three full brothers 945 Gerden, 981 Garazat and 980 Garagunon. All Kaplan´s sons were succesful at the racetrack, Garagunon became the Champion of the breed in Ashkhabad in 1980, Champion title got same year, but from Almaty also Garazat. The most succesful in breeding was 945 Gerden.  


1243 Kachakhchi (432 Karlavach-1244 Kachkyr)

1270 Kuban (755 Kujuk-1131 Asa 26), buckskin, was born in 1954 at Djambul studfarm in Kazakhstan, as a broodmare produced at Lugovskoi studfarm. She foaled first time as a 4 years old, last one at the age of 20. She was covered mostly by English Throroughbreds and Anglo-Teke stallions, the only offspring, who continued in breeding was Absent´s daughter 1715 Akcia 4. Kuban was excluded out of breeding at the age of 20.

1355 Talant (593 Tebit-1249 Kelte), bay, was born in 1960 at Askhabad studfarm. She raced 3 times as a2 years old, once won and twice finished 3rd. Talant, half-sister to founder of his line, 721 Kaplan, started her breeding career as a 3 years old, unfortunately the first foal was dead born. But then followed 15 foals in  one row, among them thre times Champion of the breed 900 Kursant (747 Kir Sakar 2.), excellent at the racetrack 894 Kerven (736 Keimir), later sire of 989 Karader, or winner of Budony Prize and 2nd in Derby, mare 1862 Tolkun (914 Polotli). Other sons of Talant who became sires were 890 Kemerli (747 Kir Sakar 2.) and Toretai (871 Gindukush), except 1862 Tolkun four more daughter became broodmares - 1554 Kelte (736 Keimir), 1581 Kirmizi (747 Kir Sakar 2.), 1681 Totikush (747 Kir Sakar 2.) and 2037 Pugta (914 Polotli). Last foal out of Talant was born in 1982, when she was 22, she died same year. 


894 Kerven (736 Keimir - 1355 Talant)

1434 Aragva (697 Gelishikli-1108 Alkeik), golden bay, was born in 1964 at the studfarm Tersk. Her mother was one of the mares chosen by V. P. Schmaborant for foundation stock of Akhal Teke department of Tersk studfarm, golden chestnut 1108 Alkeik. Interesting fact of Alkeik´s pedigree is close inbreeding II x I to 432 Karlavach, succesful racehorse, but with relatively high amount of English Thoroughbred blood. Aragva raced as a 2-3 y.o., she finished twice 2nd and once 3rd in 11 starts. She started her breeding career as a 4 years old, five of her daughters were became broodmares - 1891 Azochka (883 Kaltaman), three full sisters 2105 Aimal, 2158 Bazilik and 2102 Aigul (919 Sere) and 2131 Alfia (1017 Yanichar). Last foal out of Aragva was born when she was 22 years old, one year later was retired.  As a broodmare she produced firstly in her native Tersk studfarm, later in Dagestan and her career finished at the studfarm Stavropol . Her name is not unknown also in Czech Republic from the pedigree of 4045 Khiva Tarki, through her sons, sires Khan-Dengri and Khadir. Khiva herself is inbred to 1434 Aragva III x III through full sisters Aimal and Aigul. Aragva appears through Aigul also in the pedigree of 3004 Agaryanka, imported to Czech Republic, dam of breeding stallion 1528 Karim.

Aragva (Gelishikli-Alkeik) 1964.jpg

I will mention briefly mares with 15 foals - 1388 Fraktsiya, 1683 Turtushka, 1820 Medeya, 1865 Fergana, 1867 Feya 2., 2434 Pudokkhan, 2609 Aelita, 2644 Geisha and 2816 Mezen. 

1388 Fraktsiya (429 Kara Sur-Falmarzhan), granddaughter of family founder 417 Fantin, was born in 1945 at the studfarm Djambul, where, as a 3 years old, foaled first offspring, filly 1386 Forma 34 (dam of above mentioned mare 1440 Afisha, mother of 18 foals). Fraktsiya produced several years in Turkmenistan, then, together with her daughter 1159 Gulyalek (greatgrandmother if Murgab, Mangyt and Margaritka) moved to Tersk studfarm. Two Fraktsiya´s sons became sires, 829 Farad (579 Sinok) and 851 Azar (682 Almaz), but her impact on Teke breeding came mainly through her daughters - 1386 Forma (Medok), 1159 Gulyalek (834 Fed), 1693 Fortuna (682 Almaz), 1691 Fleita (682 Almaz), 1228 Karasekil (532 Ovlak Sakar) and 1842 Rovshan (828 Fakirpelvan). Fraktsiya was retired in 1966. 


1683 Turtushka 18  (816 Tezir-1679 Toska), palomino, was born in 1969 at the studfarm Lugovskoi. She foaled first offspring as a 4 years  old and last one when whe was 19. Six of her daughters were introduced to breeding - 1813 Kotnari (893 Kepter 18), 1819 Malaiziya (904 Melekush), 2026 Parcha 3. (913 Polet) and full sisters 2140 Anta, 2126 Alteya and 2212 Guiva (854 Akbelek 2.). 

1813 Kotnari 1974 (Kepter-Turtushka) s Maden po MOment_edited.jpg

1813 Kotnari (893 Kepter-1683 Turtushka)

1683 Turtushka (816 Tezir-1679 Toska)

1820 Medeya (858 Ametist-1609 Melekush), buckskin, was born in 1975 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. She didn´t race and as a 5 years old started her breeding career. Her first foal was 1998 Malva (see above, dam of 17 foals), in Europe produced two full brothers, in Germany 1225 Mazan and in Italy 1245 Muzar (both by 1060 Zergyar). Other Medeya´s daughters used in breeding were 2822 Melegiz (1060 Zergyar), 2821 Melegozel (1038 Gaisan), 3705 Meletai (1248 Orlan) and 3730 Mimoza (1201 Kavkaz). Medeya is also dam of Champion of Russia in eventing, Mansur (949 Dornazarbek). 


1820 Medeya (858 Ametist - 1609 Melekush)

1865 Fergana (887 Karasar-1695 Frat), bay, was bon in 1976 at the studfarm in Mary, Turkmenistan, as a broodmare performed at the studfarm Chagorta. Fergana belongs to low-numbered line Dor Bairam. Fergana didn´t race and as a 3 years old started her breeding career. Two of her sons, both succesful at the racetrack, became sires - 1722 Farid (1057 Dorksuh) and Derby winner 1719 Fakt (1101 Turali). Four Fergana´s daughters were used in breeding - 2957 Fauna (870 Garem 11), dam of sire 1729 Fort, who placed 2nd at the Russian championship in 1998, then 2962 Fialka (1101 Turali) and imported to Czech Republic, 2954 Fanta (1101 Turali) and 4015 Formula (1057 Dorkush). Fanta left in CZ only one partbred offspring, Formula two daughters, 4016 Fornaks (Anis) and Farha (Al Karat). Another Fergana´s son, Feniks, was imported to Czech Republic too, but didn´t leave any foal. Fergana´s last offspring was born at her 22 years, she died as a 24 years old. 

1867 Feya 2. (919 Sere-1374 Fantazia), buckskin, was born in 1974 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. She gave first foal as a 5 years old, last at the age of 26, in 2000. Two of her sons were introduced to breeding - in Dagestan 1293 Faruh (949 Dornazarek) and in Azerbaidjan 1602 Namys (1128 Alsakar). With Shael studfarm is connected the name of Feya´s daughter 2109 Aikhanum 20, who founded own dynasty here, though her first two foals were born yet in Dagestan, including Champion of the breed, 1126 Alaman 8 (1095 Polot). Aikhanum´s name occurs in pedigree of horses imported to Czech Republic - Azgar Shael (granddaughter of Aikhanum) and Argentum (greatgrandson of Aikhanum). Other Feya´s daughters who became broodmares were  2958 Fauna (995 Kerzi) and three full sisters 2834 Mesele, 2966 Fortuna 16 and 2965 Fonema (985 Dagestan). Fauna andFortuna moved to Turkmenistan to Geldy Kyarizov´s stud, while Mesele performed at PKF Yulduz and later Volgograd studfarm. 2965 Fonema bred at the studfarm Stavropol, she became the dam of Junior Champion of Russia and World Reserve Champion 1724 Feisal (grandfather of Czech sire, Champion of Europe, Pair) and also dam of four daughters (in CZ is well-known name of 4010 Firyuda, who was imported to CZ in advanced age and who is dam of breeding stallion Serdarjan). Feya died in 2004. 

1867 Feja 2, 1974 (919 Sere-1374 Fantazia).jpg

1867 Feya 2. (919 Sere - 1374 Fantaziya) 

2434 Pudokchan (943 Arslan-1834 Pariza) was born in 1982 at the studfarm Dagestanskii, but soon moved to Stavropol studfarm. She passed racing career as a 2-3 years old, out of 11 starts once won and twice finished 3rd. First offspring was born when she was 5, the last one at the age of 22. Five daughters were introduced to breeding - 2889 Pakhta (1031 Akhmed), dam of sire 1741 Khorezm, succesful at the racetrack and pariticpant of show jumping competitions, then 2886 Parfia (999 Munir), 3822 Patma (1150 Gaigysyz), 3854 Pogonia (1039 Galkan) and World Junior and World Champion 3826 Pelen (1231 Mangit). Probably the most well-known is Pudokhan´s son, outstanding at the racetrack, same as in breeding, 1638 PIastr (1095 Polot), Russian Reserve Champion of 2002, estimated by 9,5 points for performance. Another breeding stallions among Pudokhan´s offspring are Russian Junior Champion and Russian Reserve Champion 1735 Khanbegler (1597 Murgab), in Italy produced winner of Mazan´s Prize 1634 Perengistan (Karar), who placed 5th at the category of 2 y.o. colts at Russian Championship 2005. Tough, extraordinary Pudokhan died in November 2013. 


2434 Pudokhan (943 Arslan - 1834 Pariza)

2522 Aelita (1020 Azhan – 2097 Azaliaya), black, was born in 1991 at the studfarm Chagorta. She raced as a 3 y.o. five times, twice finished 2nd (including Sprinters Prize), 3rd placed in Oaks. Five of her daughters were introduced to breeding - 2522 Adel (1057 Dorkush), winner of Schamborant and Summer Prize, her full sister 3086 Aktsiya, then 3096 Aladjina (1140 Asman), 3156 Amsara (1226 Maidan), who is dam of breeding stallion Gardemarin-Nisa and the last one, 3173 Aragvi (1460 Gulam), exported to China.  

2644 Geiša (1040 Galmaz-1895 Albaši), bay, was born in 1992 at the Lugovskoi studfarm in Kazakhstan, where she gave her first foals. In 1998 moved to Stavropol studfarm, though one of her sons and one grandson later returned back to homeland. At the studfarm Akhal-Teke Mid Shortly produced Geisha´s son 1441 Gechigaplan (1248 Orlan), Champion of Kazakhstan. Geisha´s daughter 3347 Gissa (1099 Serasker) became the dam of Russian Junior Champion and World Champion Gergebil (1419 Garayusup), succesful in breeding is another Geisha´s daughter, winner of Probnyi Prize and Junior Reserve Champion of Russia, 3348 Gitana (1642 Pirakhmed). At the studfarm Geli performed Geisha´s daughter 3284 Gaili (1597 Murgab).  

2816 Mezen 15 (1073 Meidanli-2155 Akhanga), bay, was born in 1989 at the studfarm Lugovskoi. She is dam of sire 1572 Melar (1124 Alada) and daughters 2649 Gemera (1148 Gazyr), 3623 Makshuk (1124 Alada), who placed 2nd and 3rd at the championship of Kazakhstan, then 3650 Manada-BM (1124 Alada) and 4036 Kharza (1106 Khutor). 

Thanks Tatiana Riabova, Alia Mahmetova and Oksana Starchak for sharing photos.

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