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Fahari ATT

Black filly, *25.5.2022, breeder Farm Achalteke Tukleky, Czech Republic
Line , family Keimirchi

Measurements: height 148 cm - chest 161 cm - cannon 17,5 cm (04/2023)


Fahari was imported in utero from Russian studfarm of Mr. Sirotenko. She is daughter of Russian champion and very succesful racehorse, winner of Derby, stallion Polat-Girei. Fahari´s pedigree is full of horses with high performance (Garant - succesful at the racetrack, who achieved high performance level in dressage too, Rovayat - succesful at the racetrack, international showjumper, legendary crack Piastr, etc.). Fahari is correct, athletic filly with extraordinary movement and nice, sociable character.

About the Pedigree

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