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Black, *4.4.2017, breeder IP Sirotenko V.I., Russia

Sovkhoz 2 line, Keimirchi family

Measurements: height 161 cm - body length 162 cm - chest 178 cm - cannon 19,5 (05/2021)


Fraza, photo Nadja Tarasova

Fraza was born in 2017 in southern Russia at Sirotenko studfarm. As a 2 years old she passed race training, raced once acquiring 2nd place. As a three years old Fraza started her breeding career and in 2021 foaled colt by Zhemchug. She was imported to us in December 2021. 

Racing career:

2nd place (1000 m, 2 years old fillies, starting for the first time) -

Photo Nadja Tarasova



Faraon Ser, buckskin (Zhemchug)


Fahari ATT, black filly (by Polat-Girei)


Shimgan ATT, bay colt (by Shergir ATT)

Photos of offspring

About the Pedigree

Fraza´s sire,  Raspadok (Sovkhoz 2 line), was born in 2009 at the studfarm Stavropol, Russia. He passed succesful race career, when he placed 8 times in 9 starts, including victories in Prize of Shamborant, Sprint Prize and Everdy Teleke Prize, 2nd places in Big Summer Prize, Probnyi Prize and Prize of Opening of racing season and 3rd place in Big Prize of 2 years old. 

Raspadok´s sire, cremello stallion 1638 Piastr, was born in 1998 at the studfarm Stavropol, Russia. He became extraoridnary racehorse and legend of his time. Among his winning races are Summer Prize, Big Prize of 2 years old, Everdy Teleke Prize, Prize of Gelishikli, Prize of Dagestan etc., 2nd places in Prize of Budyonny, Prize of Mazan, Prize of Absent or Prize of Yulduz, 3rd place Piastr acquired in Derby, Prize of Elite, etc. He got the highest possible score for performance, 10 points. His offspring dominated at the racetrack for many years, quite a lot of them were succesful also at the breeding championships. Hard to name all of his succesful descendants, but let´s mention at least 1574 Melebirgut, Zhemchug, Platan, Rarog, Obereg, Atalyk, Asker, Prestizh, Redzheli, Osnova, etc. 

Raspadok´s dam, 3889 Romantika, was born in 2003 at the studfarm Svaropol. She raced as a 2-3 y.o. in 9 starts (3x1., 2x2., 2x3.) and became the winner of Prize of Pel, Prize of Firiuza, Big Prize of 2 y.o. fillies, 2nd places in Oaks abd Probnyi Prize for fillies and 3rd places in Prize of Gul and Prize of Cherkezova. Except Raspadok, she is dam of talented showjumpers Resim and Alchep and Uzbek breed champion Riorita.  

Fraza´s dam, bay Fizika, was born in 2010 at Sirotenko studfarm in Russia. She raced 3 times as a 2 years old, won once and placed 5th in Prize of Oktava. Fizika has 6 foals on the ground, all of them fillies, two of them have already started their breeding career (Forsunka and Fraza). Full sister to Fraza, Fora-Ser (born in 2016) was exported to China. 

Sire of Fizika, 1729 Fort, was born in 1995 at the studfarm Chagorta in Russia. He raced as a 2-3 y.o., his best result was 3rd place in Prize of Dagestan. Fort is son of Dagestan´s full brother and son of phenomenal Yulduz, 1100 Turali, out of 2957 Fauna, who belongs to "working" family of Fergana-Khodjali. He is half-brother to 1727 Firman (1054 Gylkuiruk), 2nd placed in Prize of Gelishikli and 3rd in Prize of Boinou or to Funai (Dogshnkhar), 2nd placed in Prize of Piatigorsk, Comparable Prize or 3rd placed in Prize of Shamborant and Dagestan and also half-brother to 2964 Firiuza (1020 Azhan), dam of 3993 Faiza (Manas) and so the grandmother of unbeatable sprinter Faiz. 

Dam of Fizika, 3524 Zvezdochka, bay, was born in 2004 at Sirotenko studfarm in Russia. She is dam of  8 registered foals, including Sizovoronka (1684 Samel-Kan), 2nd placed in Prize of Pazilla and 4th in Prize of Oktava. Zvezdochka was sold in 2019 to Uzbegim studfarm in Uzbekistan. 

Fraza belongs to the family founded by mare 1247 Keimirchi, born in 1948 in Turkmenistan, by 644 Chala, out of 744 Keik (371 Dor Depel). Her family spread through her three daughters, 1394 Chala (834 Fed), 1152 Burnok (789 Saper) and 1259 Kichitungi (435 Kara Mashal).Despite the fact this family is not so large, succesful racehorses and breed champions are not exception. From recent representatives let´s mention outstanding racehorse, winner of 11 races including Derby, Russian Argamak, Prize of Absent, Prize of Yulduz or Prize of Boinou, Kasting Nemo, 3566 Katanga, winner of Prize of Gul and Probnyi Prize and 3rd placed at the Russian championship, 3540 Kalakhari, winner of Oaks, Prize of Pel and Prize of Shamborant, Russian champion 3572 Kepeya, Reserve champion of Russia Korrida and her son Garatam, several times placed at the championship of Russia, 3796 Paili Sher, 3rd placed at the championship Star of Turkestan, etc. 

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