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Our broodmares represent 5 lines and 4 dam families:

Fakirpelvan line via Opal branch is represented by  European Junior Champion Jangi.

Toporbai line is represented by Jana-Jan, European Junior Champion 2008.

Ak Sakal line is represented by Dijanitra, 2nd placed and Selection Hope of Corona Bohemiae Cup 2016, 1st ranked in a categoriy of 4-5 years old mares in 2015 European grading.

Everdy Teleke line is represented by Borte, daughter of Kazakhstan champion Maslina, granddaughter of Murgab´s and Mangyt´s full sister Margaritka.

El-Sovkhoz 2 line is represented by Fraza, daughter of succesful racehorse Raspadok.

Kepderi family represent Jana-Jan, Jangi and Dijanitra,  Borte Fantin family and Fraza Keimirchi.

"Maternal strength is the pathway to success."(McLean)

Passed Away/Sold

Davenda - Iron Lady


Davenda was born in 1996 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service in Russia, by 1195 Ekemen, out of 2724 Dogadka.  At the end of January 2004 she was imported to Czech Republic.
She was our Iron lady - boss of the herd, but very friendly and sociable with people. She never suffered from any illness and was incredibly fertile - she is dam of 12 foals including three breeding stallions - Damask, Karakhan (3rd and 5th placed at the World championship), and double champion of El Prado exhibition Galadaw. Davenda is dam of high quality Elite daughters as well: Gut Ising Junior champion Jana-Jan, 2nd placed at CBC championship and Selection Hope Dijanitra ATT,  Djeren-Djan, Djik-Djiki ATT (also 2nd placed in her category at CBC championship) or succesful endurance horse Darakhshan. 


Grust - Super Mummy


Grust was born in 1993 at Stavropol studfarm in Russia, by 1099 Serasker, out of great broodmare 2210 Greza. Grust raced as a 2 years old in Piatigorsk and Elista 7 times (once won, one finished 2nd and once third) and placed 5th at the  Russian championship and got Diploma of II. degree.In the middle of 90-ies she was imported to Czech Republic and in 2005 she became citizen of our farm. She was calm and friendly mare (but dragon could be woken up under the saddle ) and super  Mummy - so caring and patient! Grust is dam of 8 foals, including Absolute Champion of Europe Ghadir, 2nd placed in the category of older stallions at European AT championship in Babolna, stallion Sadalbari (who won also Loose jumping competition there) or Gemekala, 2nd place at CBC championship in 2016.

Ainabat - Golden Girl


Ainabat was born in 2006, by 1179 GUnesh, out of 2573 Amga. She was bred by Mrs. Ingrid Weiler from Germany and she came as a yearling to us. Despite the fact she belongs to Kaplan line, there is much more influence of Gundogar in her appearence (she is inbred III x IV to him). 

Ainabat is tall mare, with ground-covering movement and nice, easy character. 

She gave us 4 foals, including Uruguay El Prado champion Aglaia ATT, CBC Junior Champion Alcippe or Elite graded Shabrang. We sold her to our friend Mrs. Dvorakova at the end of 2018, where she continues her career as a broodmare. 

Fornaks  - Tough lady


Fornaks (1350 Anis-4015 Formula) was born in 2000 in Czech Republic and grew up under far from ideal conditions - nevertheless this small lady survived and as a 5 years old she became member of our broodmares herd. She spent 7 years with us, became mother of three foals on our farm (including sire of partbred champion Mahafrin 1433 Gelshah (Gumon) and two full siblings Frygia and Saladdin (Samurai), the second one being our breeding stallion. Fornaks was sold in 2012 to Farm GG.

Omeliya - The Queen


Omeliya was born in 1998 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service, by Omar´s son 1228 Maksut 2, out of extraordinary broodmare and champion producer 2878 Opera. In 2001 she acquired the title of World Champion at the championship in Moscow. When Akhalt-Service ended its breeding activities, Omeliya was bought together with the group of other horses by V. Khabliev, owner of Alania Stud in Slovakia. Later was sold to Hava Dubaeva in Norway and in 2017 she finally became the member of our broodmare herd. She was not easy in reproduction, nevertheless she left us two very good colts, Dikran ATT (by Darbek) and Dil ATT (by Dastan ATT), both planned to be used in our breeding programme. Omeliya was true queen, not only because of her appearance, but mostly because of her regal behavior. She passed away in August 2023.

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