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3783 Omelia

Buckskin, *17.5.1998, breeder Akhalt-Service, Russia

Fakirpelvan line, Ovgan family

Measurements: 157-160-185-18,5

Evaluation: type 8,5 x conformation 8,0 (Elite II.category)


Omelia was born in 1998 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service in Russia, as a daughter of multi-champion producer, Stavropol-bred mare Opera. Her full sisters Omega and Olimpia acquired the titles of World Reserve Champions, while Omelia won the highest possible title - World Champion.
After the end of Akhalt-Service, Omelia was sold to Alania Farm in Slovakia and later to Hava Dubaeva in Norway. Thanks to her Omelia became citizen of our farm in August 2017.

Regardless her age, Omelia is still fit and in a very good condition. She is true lady, who knows her value. 

World Champion among older mares - Moscow 2001

Opra - 1st place in the category of 3-4 y.o. mares, Reserve Champion among mares (Corona Bohemiae Cup 2016, Czech Republic), 3rd place in the category of 5-12 y.o. mares (European Akhal Teke Championship 2017, Hungary)



3780 Oliushka, smoky black filly (1746 Shael)

Osvald, bay colt (1274 Satrap)

Orista, bay filly (1274 Satrap)

Olgreina, bay filly (1405 Gadji-Khan)

Opra, bay filly (1656 Prospekt)

Ozdan, smoky black colt (1565 Duigur)



Dikran ATT, buckskin (Darbek)



not covered



Dil ATT, buckskin (Dastan ATT)

Offspring in photos

About the Pedigree

Sire of Omelia is 1228 Maksut 2, black, born in 1989 at studfarm "Dagestanskij". Maksut got Diploma of at the championship in Piatigorsk in 1996. He is full brother to mare 2820 Melana, who was succesful at the racetrack (2x 1. Prize of Association), same as in endurance (4th place and Best condition prize at 120km competition). Except that she is the dam of Grand Prix stallion Makka Shael. Another full sister to Maksut is mare 2804 Marta, dam of succesful racehorse Mamai.

Maksut 2 produced five seasons at studfarm Akhalt-Service and among his 17 foals we can find World Champion Omelia (2001), World Reserve champion Olympia (2002), World Junior Reserve champion Omega, 4th placed at the World championship and full sister to stallion Samurai, mare Simfonia, Virtual World champion Stambul, who was also competing in endurance up to 80km level (by the way, dam of Stambul, Sikea, is full sister to Samurai´s dam Sakata). Another descendants of Maksut placed at the World championship, were Karakhan (placed 3rd and 5th) and Mikhman.

Maksut´s sire is racetrack crack black stallion 1083 Omar (ran 2-5 years old in Krasnodar and Makhkachkala, out of 20 starts won 12x). Except that he got twice (1984-5) Diploma of II. degree at the breeding championship. In Omar´s pedigree we can find Rasmussen factor, inbreeding III x II to founder of the family, mare 1310 Ovgan (Lachin-Silfa). Omar´s sire is record holder (1800m) 910 Opal, son of line founder 828 Fakirpelvan.

Maksut´s dam is 2014 Mushmula 3, born in 1981 at the studfarm "Dagestanskii". Mushmula didn´t race, she produced 12 foals. Except above mentioned full sisters of Maksut, Mushmula is the dam of Champion of the breed Manas 6 (1095 Polot).










Dam of Omelia, is grey mare 2878 Opera, born in 1990 at the studfarm Stavropol and later sold to Akhalt-Service. Opera proved herself as an outstanding mother - especially in the connection with stallion Maksut 2 she gave extra typey foals (see above). She is dam of 11 foals, for the quality of offspring she was evaluated with 8 points (out of 10 points scale).

Sire of Opera is stallion Rokot of Toporbai line. He was middle-height stallion of average type, but he succeeded as a producer of good broodmares (let´s name Granka, dam of succesful racehorses Gadzhar, Giliana or Gadagan,  Prizma, dam of racetrack crack Paikend,
 then Sergi, dam of Word Reserve Champion Sagib, Gekla, dam of SG stallion Gerald or Opera, ....).

Dam of Opera is 2406 Odessa - she is the only foal of her sire, Dor Bairam stallion Dubler. Also Odessa foaled only one foal, above mentioned Opera.

Omelia belongs to the family founded by mare 1310 Ovgan. This family is synonymum of working abilities - among their representatives you can find succesful racehorses, same as good jumpers, let´s mention  Opal, Omar, Ormuzd, Ornai, Ovoi, Sengar, Senova, Gumon, Oglan, Oinavach, Oraz Polot, Obereg, Osnova etc. Some of them became succesful at breeding championships (Garajusup, Osnova, Oraz Serdar, Orsiet and above mentioned Omelia, Omega and Olimpia). This year´s (2023) Piatigorsk Derby Orkhon (Dorsakar-Ovgankala) belongs to Ovgan family too.


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