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Breeding stallions 

There are 6 breeding stallions on our farm currently - Shergir and Saladdin, representatives of Fakirpelvan line through Omar´s branch, Tomagavk-Ser, who represents Fakirpelvan line through Kaltaman´s branch and Darbek and his two sons, Dastan and Dikran, who are representing El-Sovchoz 2 line.

Covering Fees for 2024

Only stallions in the ownership of Mag. Markus Hubmann are available for mares of other breeders.

For breeding conditions, please contact directly Mag. Markus Hubmann (

For the mares coming to us for covering we require negative test for CEM (contagious equine methritis), done twice in two weeks interval, negative test for EIA (equine infectious aenemia), not older than 2 months and valid vaccination against influenza and tetanus. 

Passed Away/Sold

Samurai - "Almost-Husband"


Samurai was born in 2001 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service in Russia and was imported by us at the end of January 2004. His sire was Maksut 2 (Fakirpelvan line), dam 2922 Sakata (Toporbai line). Samurai gave as bunch of great horses, including Absolute champion Europe Shergir, European Junior champions Jangi and Alcippe and other Elite offspring, including Djik-Djiki, Gisi, Shabrang, Sipahi, etc. Most of his offspring are good jumpers (Sadalbari and Alcippe won Loose jumping competitions in Babolna, during European At championship), some of them succesfully compete in endurance. 

Samurai was sold in 2020 to Croatia, where he continued his career of a breeding stallion. In 2024 he moved to Hungary to be the king of Akhal Teke harem of Dedes company. 


Syrgyn - M level (80 km) endurance 

Epey - L level (60 km) endurance

Alcippe ATT - winner of Junior Loose Jumping at European AT championship

Sadalbari ATT - winner of Loose Jumping at European AT championship

Mingam - golden horse with golden heart


Mingam was born in 1996 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service, Russia and came to us at the end of January 2004. He was by stallion 1069 Kortik (Toporbai line), out of 2841 Mimoza (Gelishikli line, Atabai family). Mingam was middle sized, compact stallion, with expressive type, good movement and jump. He was real workaholic :-), loved to visit equine exhibitions and shows, he was also unbeatable in exhibition races he participated in. By character he was  nobleman, very human oriented. At the beginning of his stud´s career he was used mostly in partbred breeding, he sired only four purebred Tekes at all, including European Junior champion of 2008 Jana-Jan (out of Davenda), her full sister, Elite graded Djeren-Djan, in Switzerland can be found two of his descendants, Shadian (out of Sirena) and Dukan (out of Djady-Djan). He left us too soon, but he is still in our hearts. 


Mydar - show jumping (100 cm) 

Mahriban - M level (80km) endurance

Gumon - personified nuclear energy


Gumon was born in 1998 at the studfarm Dagestanskii, Russia, by 1053 Gumdag (Kaplan line), out of Dagestan´s daughter 2871 Oinam 20 (Gelishikli line, Ovgan family). Under the baton of Habib Djaparov Gumon passed impressive racing career - he won twice the longest flat race for Akhal Tekes, Prize of Turkmenistan (6000m), in which he also finished 2nd. First and second place he aquired in Prize of Nations, totally he raced 15 times in which he gained 4 victories, 2 second places, 2 three places and 3 four places and was evaulated by 9,0 points (from 10) for workability. He started his breeding career in Dagestan and in the autumn 2006 thanks to Djaparov brothers Gumon arrived to us - selfconfident stallion, who knows his value. He loved to test riders sometimes and has neverending source of energy - you could gallop with him without end and  you would be the first one to become tired. Gumon sired 11 foals, including Absolute Champion of Europe 2012 Ghadir (out of Grust), Champion of El Prado exhibition in Uruguay Aglaia (out of Ainabat) or in 2019 unbeaten at 80 km endurance competitions Darakhshan (out of Davenda).


Darakhshan - M level (80 km) endurance

Germes - loyal warrior

Germes-photo Kisza

Germes was born in 1989 at the studfarm Chagorta, Russia, by 999 Munir (Ak Sakal line), out of producer of succesful racehorses 2209 Granka (Toporbai line, Kizyl Mer family). He passed racing career as 2 and 4 years old, out of 6 starts he won twice, once finished 2nd, once third and once fourth. He was sold to Germany and later moved to Switzerland and at the age of 17 he came to us. He was iron horse, always ready for any action, loved to travel and was reliable and loyal riding partner - prepared to give all his power to fulfil demands. He surprised everybody finishing 2nd in an exhibition race at Pardubice racetrack (1200m) behind Mingam at the age of 18. Same year he also won sprint race of Eastern breeds (400m). His stud career started late unfortunately, his first foal was born when he was 20. He is sire of three foals only, including El Prado champion Galadaw (out of Davenda) and 2nd placed in older mares class at Corona Bohemia Championship, Dijanitra (out of Davenda). 


Galadaw - M level (80 km) endurance

Ghadir - Mr. Sweetheart


Ghadir was born in 2009 at us, he was the most promising foal from Gumon-Grust (Sere line, Fantin family) cross. In 2012 he won the title of Absolute Champion of Europe. It was tall, massive stallion (164cm height x 21 cannon), with good gaits, very responsive under the saddle. For his character he got nickname Sweetheart. We lost him unexpectedly and tragically in 2016 and still miss him a lot. He succeeded to sire only three foals, one partbred (Galathea, 2nd placed in partbred class at Corona Bohemiae Cup) and two purebreds (Damkianna, now citizen of Hungary and Janan). 

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