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1685 Samurai

Black, *30.1.2001, breeder Akhalt-Service, Russia

Fakirpelvan line, Temmi (Taifa) family

Measurements: 156-158-182-19,0

Evaluation: type 8,0 x measurements 7,3 xconformation 8,5  x quality of descendants 8,0 (Elite III.category)


Samurai was born in 2001 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service in southern Russia and at the end of January 2004 he was imported to Czech Republic. 

Samurai belongs to Fakirpelvan line, he is inbred V x IV to its founder, chestnut stallion 828 Fakirpelvan. Another inbreeding can be found in his pedigree, IV x IV to Absent´s son 858 Ametist, record holder at the distance 2000m.
Samurai is stallion of a good type, correct conformation, high intelligence and strong bond to humans.
As a sire Samurai mostly gives  expressive type to his offspring, together with good jumping abilities. 

1st place in the category of 7 y.o. and older stallions - European Grading Tour 2015 

Jangi - Junior Champion among fillies (European AT Distant Championship 2012), 1st place among 5-6 y.o. mares (European Grading Tour 2015)
Saladdin ATT - 3rd place in the category of yearling stallions (European AT Distant Championship 2012)
Sadalbari ATT - 2nd place in the category 5-12 y.o. stallions (European AT Championship, Babolna 2017)
Shergir ATT - Absolute European Champion (European AT championship 2017, Babolna), 1st place among 2 y.o. colts (European Grading Tour 2015)
Shabrang ATT - 3rd place among 2 y.o. colts (European Grading Tour 2015), 3rd place in the category of 3-4 y.o. colts (Corona Bohemiae Cup 2016)
Djik-Djiki ATT - 2nd place among 3-4 y.o. fillies (European Grading Tour 2015), 2nd place in the category of 3-4 y.o. fillies (Corona Bohemiae Cup 2016)
Delbar ATT - 3rd place in the category of yearling fillies (European Grading Tour 2015)
Alcippe ATT - Junior Champion (Corona Bohemiae Cup 2016), 2nd place in the category of 2 y.o. fillies (European AT Championship, Babolna 2017)


Syrgyn, partbred - 9th place (80km endurance competition, 2013 - Kolesa, Czech Republic), 2nd place (84km endurance competition, 2013 - Uporiny, Czech Republic), 2nd place + Best Condition Prize (80km endurance competition, 2013 - Borotin, Czech Republic)
Epey, partbred - 2nd place (60km endurance competition, 2016 - Kolesa, Czech Republic), 6th place (57km endurance competition, 2015 - Poruby, Czech Republic), 1st place (60km endurance competition, 2016 - Trestina, Czech Republic)
Sadalbari ATT - 1st place in a Loose Jumping Competition (European AT Championship, Babolna 2017), 4th place Evaluation of Movement Contest (European AT Championship, Babolna 2017)
Alcippe ATT - 1st place in a Junior Loose Jumping Competition (European AT Championship, Babolna 2017) 


Ghanima, partbred filly, bay (out of Gazli 9, ox Pafos)
Syrgyn, partbred colt, dark bay (out of Allastar, Lakmus)

Seyis, partbred colt, black (out of Gazli 9, ox Pafos)
Djady-Djan, filly, black (out of 2698 Davenda, 1195 Ekemen)
Frygia, filly, dark bay (out of Fornaks, Anis)
Samsyk, partbred colt, black (out of Markiza 11, 995 Kerzi)

Epey, partbred filly, bay (out of Everda, Mamed)

Jangi, filly, balck (out of Jana-Jan, Mingam)

Sadalbari ATT, colt, dark buckskin (out of Grust, Serasker)
Saladdin ATT, colt, dark bay (out of Fornaks, Anis)

Djik-Djiki ATT, filly, black (out of 2698 Davenda, 1195 Ekemen)

Shabrang ATT, colt, golden bay (out of Ainabat, 1179 Gunesh 22)
Shergir ATT, colt, bay (out of Jana-Jan, Mingam)

Delbar ATT, filly, black (out of 2698 Davenda, 1195 Ekemen)
Jehanara ATT, filly, bay (out of Jana-Jan, Mingam)

Gisi ATT, filly, black (out of Grust, 1099 Serasker)
Alcippe ATT, filly, bay (out of Ainabat, 1179 Gunesh 22)

Sipahi ATT, colt, black (out of Jana-Jan, Mingam)

About the Pedigree

Samurai´s sire, 1228 Maksut 2, black, was born in 1989 at the studfarm "Dagestanskij". Maksut got Diploma of at the championship in Piatigorsk in 1996. He is full brother to mare 2820 Melana, who was succesful at the racetrack (2x 1. Prize of Association), same as in endurance (4th place and Best condition prize at 120km competition). Except that she is also dam of Grand Prix stallion Makka Shael. Another full sister to Maksut, 2804 Marta, is the dam of succesful racehorse Mamai.

Maksut 2 produced five seasons at the studfarm Akhalt-Service, sired 17 foals including World Champion Omelia (2001), World Reserve champion Olympia (2002), World Junior Reserve champion Omega, 4th placed at the World championship and full sister to Samurai, mare Simfonia (Simfonia is the dam of succesful dressage horse Gaiduvsyz Shah and mare Savanna Shah, who became the dam of two European champions - stallion Safar and filly Samira), Virtual World champion Stambul, who was also competing in endurance up to 80km level (by the way, dam of Stambul, Sikea, is full sister to Samurai´s dam Sakata). Another descendants of Maksut placed at the World championship, were Karakhan (placed 3rd and 5th) and Mikhman. 

Maksut´s sire is a racetrack crack, black stallion 1083 Omar (ran 2-5 years old in Krasnodar and Makhkachkala, out of 20 starts won 12x). Except succesful racing career, Omar placed at the breeding championships twice (1984-5) where he got Diploma of II. degree. Omar is the son of race record holder at the distance of 1800m, stallion 910 Opal, son of line founder 828 Fakirpelvan. Omar is also inbred III x II to the founder of own family, mare 1310 Ovgan (this family produced many succesful horses at the racetrack, same as in the sport and breeding championships).

Maksut´s dam is 2014 Mushmula 3, born in 1981 at the studfarm "Dagestanskii". Mushmula didn´t race, she produced 12 foals, including Champion of the Breed Manas (1095 Polot).

Samurai´s dam is bay mare 2922 Sakata, Toporbai mare born in 1993, elite graded. Sakata is the dam of 9 foals, including full sister to Samurai, Simfonia (see above).

Sakata´s sire, 1069 Kortik, light bay, was born in 1984 at the studfarm Chagorta. Kortik was typical representative of the old line Toporbai. He raced as 2-4 years old in Krasnodar and Tbilisi (14 starts, 8 placings). Despite the fact he didn´t achive any special succes at the racetrack, he excells with good, spacey movements, which he transfers to his offspring. At the exhibition in Tbilisi in 1989 he got Diploma of III. degree. Kortik started his breeding career in 1989 and ended with 31 foals on the ground. He succeeded as a maternal sire - his daughters produced offspring succesful in sport (let´s mention 2645 Gekla, dam of succesful dressage horse and eventer Geralrd and all-arounder Gargantua, sire of 100-miler Gyshgun, or Sikea, dam of endurance proven Stambul, etc.).  anproduced since 1989 and there were 31 foals on the ground. Three of his sons were used in breeding - 1227 Makat, 1452 Grandkuli, 1489 Diktator and 1584 Mingam. 

Sakata´s dam, chestnut mare 2450 Sayatkhanum 19,  was born in 1985 at the studfarm "Dagestanskii". Sayatkhanum raced as 2-3 years old in Tbilisi (12 starts - 7 placings). Sayatkhanum was used as a broodmare at Akhalt-Service studfarm and after finishing its activities, she was sold to Estonia and then to Czech republic. Her last foal is Elite graded stallion Sergesdan, who already succeeded as a breeding stallion.

Sayathanum´s sire is stallion 985 Dagestan, buckskin, born in 1976 at the studfarm "Dagestanskii". Dagestan was succesful at the racetrack, out of 35 starts he placed 17 times, including 6 victories. During 11 years in breeding, he sired 35 foals, headed by stallions 1038 Gaisan 7, 1194 Doremir, 1192 Dorkush, 1198 Enyshli, 1249 Osman and outstanding mares 2394 Millet 6 (dam of Murgab, Mangyt, Margaritka) or 2965 Fonema 13 (dam of 1292 Farid and Feisal). 

From dam´s side Samurai belongs to the family founded by mare 398 Temmi (4 Ag Ishan-391 Taifa 53). This family is widespread and its representatives can be around the globe. Temmi family has spread out mostly due to mare 1112 Alsona (dam of breeding stallion 943 Arslan and 852 Azat and mare 1408 Agava, 1416 Aishat, 1710 Aisona, 1412 Aina and 1094 Aiden). 

Samurai is linebred to the founder of the line 828 Fakirpelvan and also IV x IV to record holder (2000m) Ametist, son of Olympic dressage winner Absent. 

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