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Dijanitra ATT

Bay, *30.3.2011, breeder Farm Achalteke Tukleky, Czech Republic

Ak Sakal line, Kepderi family

Measurements: 161-163-186-19,0

Evaluation: type 7,8 x conformation 8,5 (Elite 3.category, 2016)


Dijanitra was born in 2011. She inherited a lot from character and working attitude of her father, Germes. She is very feminine, but at the same time athletic, with good gallop and high speed qualities. She is full sister to double champion of El Prado exhibition Galadaw. in the category of yearling fillies at European Distant Championship 2012
1st place in the category of 3-4 y.o. fillies - European grading tour 2015
2nd place in the category of 5 y.o. and older mares "Corona Bohemiae Cup 2016", "Selection Hope"

Dalir ATT, bay colt (by Darbek)



Dakpa Sheri ATT, black filly (by Shergir ATT)


barren (by Saladdin ATT)


Darejan ATT, bucskin filly (by Dastan ATT)

Offspring in photos

About the Pedigree

Dijanitra´s sire, 1437 Germes, was born in 1989 at the Russian studfarm Chagorta. He raced as a 2 years old - out of five starts he won twice, once placed second, once third and once fourth. He appeared at the racetrack yet as a 4 years old, when he finished 7th in the Prize of Association. Later was Germes exported to Germany and then he relocated to Switzerland. Thanks to Sussanne Müller he became the denizen of our farm in July 2007.
Germes was typey, correct stallion with good bones and strong physique. He was ridden till his 23 years and despite his age, he was still full of energy. Yet at the age of 18 he participated in exhibition race Prize of Boinou at the racetrack in Pradubice (1200m) where he finished 2nd behind his stable colleague Mingam. He also won exhibition "Race of Eastern Breeds" (400m) same year, when beated representatives of other oriental breeds.  Unfortunately the injury caused by mare during covering ended his riding career and was the reason why he had to be put down in the winter 2014.
Germes started his breeding career quite late, when he was 18. He succeeded to sire only three foals, including Galadaw, who was exported to Uruguay and became Champion of El Prado exhibition there. Galadaw´s full sister Dijanitra placed 2nd in her category at the Corona Bohemiae Cup championship and gained title of Selection Hope.


Sire of Germes, 999 Munir, was born in 1979 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. He raced as 3-4 years old, out of 14 starts he won once, once finished second and three times third. In 1983 he aquired title of the Champion of the breed. As a breeding stallion he was used at Stavropol studfarm, Chagorta and Dubna. 


Germes´s dam, 2209 Granka, was born in 1983 at the studfarm Chagorta. She succeeded as a producer of good racehorse horses, including 3342 Giliana (Oaks winner, Prize of Gul winner, 3rd placed in Derby, etc.), 1403 Gadzhar (winner of Sprinter Prize, Prize of Schamborant, Yulduz, 2nd placed in Derby, etc.), 1401 Gadagan (winner of Prize of Boinou, Absent, yulduz, etc.) or Gudzon Nemo. 

Dijanitra´s dam is 2698 Davenda, born 1996 at studfarm Akhalt-Service.She started her breeding career as a three years old. She produced three sons of breeding value - stallion Karakhan (by 1228 Maksut 2), who placed 3rd and 5th at the World championship in Moscow,  Damask (by 1122 Aksum) and the youngest Galadaw (by Germes), double champion of exhibition El Prado in Uruguay. We imported Davenda in January 2004 and she became one of our foundation mares - exceptional in character, same as in the quality of her offspring. We keep her daughters Jana-Jan (European Junior champion 2008, dam of champions Shergir and Jangi) and Dijanitra in our breeding programme, other daughters found homes in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, including succesful endurance horse and winner of several 80km competitions Darakhshan (by Gumon).

Davenda´s sire is stallion 1195 Ekemen, born in 1991 in Uzbekistan. Ekemen has two sons in breeding: Asket (out of 2543 Akgozel), winner of "Sport class" at the World championship in 2003 and Virtual champion of 2004 and stallion Oreol (out of 2878 Opera). Ekemen is also sire of mares Seil (3rd place at the World championship) and Selesta (5th palce at WCH).

Davenda´s dam is 2724 Dogadka, born 1987 at Stavropol studfarm, by 949 Dornazarbek (sire of Russian champion in eventing Mansur), out of 1488 Djakhan (dam of breeding stallion 987 Djagitai). Dogadka is the dam of 13 foals, including in dressage proved Damgan (1076 Melekush).











Dijanitra belongs to the family 1252 Kepderi (Lachin). Kepderi, buckskin,

was born in 1953 in Turkmenistan, by Ter Kush (Toporbai line), out of 969

Temri (Toporbai line) and was the product of close inbreeding II x II to stallion

044 Tillya Kush. Among her daughters we can find mare 1488 Djakhan, 1590

Lolla (champion of the breed and dam of Lakmus, succesful race and sport horse),

1588 Lan and 2350 Leili. Kepderi family is giving quite versatile athletes -

let´s mention Derby winner Dasht, 160km endurance horse Gyshgun, Durkhal Shael

(2nd place in 248km endurance competition), M-level dressage Damgan and

Shumer Shael, by Anja Beran in classical dressage trained Degni Shael, show jumper

Demirkhanum or promising young "movers" Gazam and Adair, etc.

Kepderi, 1953 (Terkuš-Temri).jpg
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