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Borte MiD

Grey, *9.2.2017, breeder Achal-Teke MiD, Kazakhstan

Everdy Teleke line, Fantin family

Measurements: height 169 cm - chest 190 cm - cannon 19,0 (05/2021)



Borte was born in 2017 at the studfarm Achal-Teke MiD in Kazakhstan and was imported to us in October 2020. She connects strong family (she is daughter of Kazakhstan champion Maslina, full sister to Russian Junior champion Magistral, her grandmother Margaritka is full sister to breeding icon Murgab), together with old line of Everdy Teleke on sire´s side.  Borte´s sire Airat MiD participated in endurance competitions (2nd place in CEI*).



Baljan ATT, buckskin (Sammit MiD)


Däri-Derman ATT, bay (Darbek)


Safna ATT, dk.buckskin (Saladdin ATT)

Photos of offspring

About the Pedigree

Borte´s sire, Airat (Everdy Teleke line), was born in 2009 at the studfarm Achal-Teke MiD in Kazakhstan. He acquired title of Selection Hope as a 2 years old at the championship of Kazakhstan "Absent 2011", in 2012 he got highest score for type and conformation in the category of 3-4 years old stallions. In 2017 he placed 2nd at 80km CEI* endurance competition in Cholpon Ata (Kyrgizstan). 

Sire of Airat, grey stallion 1326 Akdagly was born in 2001 at Niyazov studfarm in Turkmenistan. As a 2-3 years old he participated in races (16 starts-1x 2., 3x3., 4x4.). In 2007 he won his category of older stallions and got title of Reserve champion of the breed at the exhibtion "Star of Turkestan" (Tashkent). 

Airat´s dam, 3117 Altyn, was born in Turkmenistan in 1994 as the only daughter of Melekulan, "lost" full brother to Polot and Melesur, out of 2561 Alma 32, full sister to Champion of the breed and winner of Prize of Everdy Teleke, 1053 Gumdag. Alma was sold to Uzbekistan and then, in 2009, she changed home again to Achal-Teke MiD in Kazakhstan, this time in-foal to Akdagly. Her breeding career in Turkmenistan remains uknown, in Uzbekistan she foaled two colts, both of them sold to Hungary (including popular dressage promoter Amurgi). 

Borte´s dam, 3675 Maslina, was born in 2006 at the studfarm Stavropol in Russia, as a younger full sister to Magistral, Russian Junior Champion (Piatigorsk 2003) and Russian Reserve Champion (Piatigorsk 2004), dam of Russian champion Garai or World Reserve champion 2015 Miatadzhi. Maslina herself held family tradition - at the championship of Kazakhstan "Absent 2008", she placed 3rd in the category of 2 y.o. fillies and one year later she won title of Champion of Kazakhstan, together with special "Prize of audience". 

Sire of Maslina, 1099 Serasker, was born in 1990 at the studfarm Stavropol. He passed racing career with 9 starts as a 2-3 years old in Tbilisi (1x1., 2x2., 5x3.), at the breeding exhibition in 1988 in Tbilisi he got Diploma of 2nd degree. Despite the fact he bred some good stallions too (Champion of Kazakhstan 1687 Sapfir, succesful racehorse and 4th from Russian and Kazakhstan championship 1612 Oraz-Polot), he succeeded mostly as a maternal sire - some of his daughters raced succesfully and mainly, became very good broodmares (2625 Gaisana - Oaks winner, 2nd from Prize of Boinou or Sprinter´s Prize, etc., Desse - 2nd placed in Prize of Shamborant, 3rd in Prize of Yulduz and Gul and dam of succesful racehorse and breeding stallion 1469 Dagomys, Grust - dam of Absolute champion of Europe Ghadir, Pustynja - 1st in Prize of Otkrytia, Pasta - dam of champion Gubden, and of course Magistral - Junior champion and Reserve champion of Russia, dam of  great horses as Garaai, Miatadzhi, Mulatka, Graciola, etc.). 

Dam of Maslina, 2797 Margaritka, was born in 1994 at the studfarm Stavropol. Not tall, but typey mare, is full sister to two champions, Mangyt and Murgab, the latter one to be the most influential sire of the beginning of the 2nd millenium. Margaritka herself passed racing career as a 2-3 years old and participated in two Russian championships (1996-1997) where she got Diplomas of 2nd degree.  

Borte belongs to the family Fantin. 417 Fantin, bay, was born in 1926 at the studfarm Turtkulskii in Kazakhstan, by 4 Ag Ishan, out of Everdy Teleke´s daughter Bike. She was inbred IV, IV, V-IV, III to Boinou.

Fantin together with group of other mares moved to Djambul studfarm in 1931. She was dam of 9 foals, all of her daughters were kept as mothers at home studfarm. 

Family of Fantin spread up mostly through three of her daughters - Falmarzhan, 1008 Fakma and 1015 Fialka.

The best well-known foal out of Fialka was breeding sire 834 Fed (Dor Bairam line).

Fakma´s offspring was widely spread in Kazakhstan - these animals were tall, with enough type (1384 Fisgarmonia and her daughters 1236 Karta and 1264 Kosa). Despite the fact this branch didn´t have enough mares to progress later, such stallions as 860 Ararat or 1037 Gaidamak, who belong to descendants of Fakma, appeared. 

Branch of Falmarzhan is in today´s Teke population represented through her daughter 1388 Frakcia - Frakcia´s daughter 1386 Forma produced mostly in Kazakhstan (her blood circulates on the dam´s side of sires 1020 Azhan, 1024 Akpan, 1052 Gubalak or 1441 Gechigaplan), but also returned to Russia to Stavropol studfarm through the blood of 2644 Geisha and 3299 Gamma. Other daughters of Falmarzhan were bought to Tersk studfarm - 1159 Gulyalek, 1228 Karasekil, 1693 Fortuna and 1842 Rovshan.

Among descendants of Rovshan belongs stallion 969 Rokot, Karasekil´s daughter 1696 Khanum is mother of 971 Khalif. Great-granddaughter of 1693 Fortuna, 2210 Greza, foaled such horses as Gulgadam (Oaks winner, champion of the breed, dam of champions Gench, Tykmaserdar, Geldybatyr), Gaisana (Oaks winner), Grust (dam of Absolute champion of Europe Ghadir). 1159 Gulyalek is dam of such mares as 1461 Gracia (great-grandmother of Murgab, Mangyt and Margaritka through their mother 2394 Millet and grand mother Mikhmanli). Gracia is also grandmother of Galabeg (Russian Junior champion), through his dam 1737 Geze. Gulyalek´s daughter 1458 Golubka can be found on the dam´s side of Gazyr´s Shael pedigree or 1038 Giasan 7, while 1744 Gulnag figures in the pedigree of 1675 Sagib or 1682 Salyr. Blood of Gulyalek´s daughter 1462 Gubdenli represents 1454 Grog, 1161 Garpun or Russian Junior champion1467 Giaurs (winner of Grand Prize of 2 y.o.) and his half-sister and Russian Reserve champion 3309 Garaly.

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