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Black, * 10.4.2019, breeder IP Sirotenko V. I., Russia
Line Fakirpelvan, family Pel
Measurements: height 158 cm - chest 180 cm - cannon 20,0 (2021)
Evaluation: type 7,8 x  measurements 9,0 x conformation 8,5 (2021), Elite 3.category

Owner: Mag. Markus Hubmann, Austria

Tomagav-title photo.jpg

Tomagavk was born in 2019 at IP Sirotenko´s studfarm in southern Russia. As a 2 y.o. he passed racing career, out of 5 starts he placed 1x2., 2x3., 1x4. In the autumn 2021 he was bought by Mag. Markus Hubmann and imported to Europe. 

Tomagavk is son of succesful racehorse Temirkhan, out of Tokhtamysh´s half-sister Gaita. He is inbred V x V to racerecord holder at the distance of 1800m, stallion 910 Opal (and his sire, founder of own line 828 Fakirpelvan VII, V,VI x VI, IV respectively),  to 919 Sere V x IV and Garem  IV x VI, VI. 

Racing career:

2nd place - Summer Prize (1200m)

3rd place - Probnyi Prize (1000m)

3rd place - Ogranichitelnyi Prize (1200m)

4th place - Prize of Schamborant (1000m)

6th place - Big Prize (1600m) 

Photo Nadja Tarasova

About the Pedigree

Tomagavk´s sire Temirkhan was bred by PKF Gurtbil, Russia in 2011 (evaluation type 7,8 x measurements 9.8 x conformation 9 x performance 8,5, Elite of 2nd category). Temirkhan passed succesful race career, in 15 starts he won 3 times, 4 times placed 2nd, 3 times 3rd and 3 times 4th, including victory in Vstupitelnyi Prize, 2nd place in Krasnodar Derby, Gundogar Prize, Prize of Boinou and 3rd places in Prize of Everdy Teleke, Big Summer Prize and Prize of Absent. Temirkhan has 6 foals on the ground at the moment (1 colt and 5 fillies), the oldest is 2018 filly Dilbar (out of Dibora), 4 times placed in 6th starts, including 3rd places in Prize of Oktava and Prize of M.D. Cherkezova. 

Sire of Tomagavk, 1600 Mustang, black, was born in 1991 at the studfarm "Dagestanskij". Son of racerecord holder at the distance 1600m, 883 Kaltaman, was lost for many years, to be discovered by Maria Mocar and introduced to breeding. He succeeded to produce three foals (one filly, sold to China and two colts). Mustang´s dam, 2010 Maili (919 Sere), Elite, is half-sister to such mares like 2394 Millet 6 (dam of Murgab, Mangyt, Margaritka, Melepelvan or Merver) or 2375 Maya 17 (dam of Mugdza, Melodia or Monogramma). 

Tomagavk´s dam, 3963 Tagalla (Elite), black, was born in 2005 in PKF Yunav, Russia as a descendant of parents imported from Turkmenistan - stallion 1464 Gurtbil (Posman line) and 1207 Keimir 2nd´s daughter Tomagali. Many famous names and inbreedings occur in Tagalla´s pedigree, including IV x III to Garem´s son Djagitai, IV x V to 736 Keimir, V x V, V to 779 Peren and V, V to 1184 Elan and V,V x V to 1244 Kachkyr. Tagalla succeeded to produce only two registered foals.

Tomagavk´s dam, 3285 Gaita, black (1. class 1. category), was born in 2009 at IP Sirotenko´s studfarm in Russia. She raced once, finishing 6th. She is half-sister to one of the most admired Akhal  Tekes, stallion Tokhtamysh, World champion from Moscow 2005. Gaita is dam of 6 foals at the moment (4 colts, 2 fillies).

Sire of  Gaita, 1408 Gazomet (Elite), black grandson of Omar and son of Derby winner Gaza, was born in 2003 in Chagorta. He raced 5 times, once won and twice placed 3rd, including Prize of Mazan. Gazomet started his breeding career at the home studfarm and later became the "travelling" stallion who was used at different studfarm. At Shael´s stud he produced e.g. CEI* stallion Garif (out of Almalyk), at the studfarm Stavropol he produced winner of Probnyi Prize Mastak, 2nd placed in Prize of Oktava Platforma or 2nd place in Prize of Mazan or 3rd in Big Prize of 2 y.o. Raund. 

Gaita´s dam, black mare 2953 Tyazegul 34, was born in 1988 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. She was sold to Ukraine, where she produced only one partbred foal, later returned to Russia - at PKF Stanica she foaled (out of artificial insemination) stallion Tokhtamysh (971 Khalif), later to become World AT champion. Tokhtamysh passed also succesful race career, winning "Probnyi Prize for colts" or finishing 2nd in "Summer Prize" or 3rd in "Derby". Tyazegul was then sold to V.I.Kan, where she foaled 4 foals, including breeding stallion 1707 Tak-Kan (1514 Kadyr), winner of "Big Prize of two years old" and 2nd placed in "Prize of Mazan". From Kan´s studfarm Tyazegul moved to studfarm Chagorta and produced here another breeding stallion, 1706 Taimaz Akhal (1079 Melesur), 2nd placed in "Big Prize of 2 years old" and 3rd placed in "Probnyii Prize" and "Prize of Kazakhstan". From Chagorta studfarm Tyazegul finally moved to IP Sirotenko to finish her breeding career here foaling the only daughter who is used in breeding, Gaita. 

Tomagavk belongs to the family founded by chestnut mare 351 Pel (254 Khadji Bai - 59 Bami), born in 1932 in Turkmenistan.  Pel was known for her extraordinary racing qualities, she became also succesful broodmare, her family is one of the most widespread  nowadays and can boast with many outstanding performers, same as breed champions. Pel´s family spread out mostly through her daughters 1321 Pobeda (338 Birgut) and 1318 Peidachi (644 Chala), few descendants of two other daughters 1357 Taus (338 Birgut) and 1317 Peidali (569 Skak) can be found in Turkmenistan. 

Tomagavk belongs to the branch of 1321 Pobeda:

351 Pel (254 Khadji Bai) - 1321 Pobeda (338 Birgut) - 1316 Paska (435 Kara Mashal) - 1636 Palma (828 Fakirpelvan) - 1634 Pazilla (930 Finish) -  1834 Pariza (919 Sere) - 2471 Tanga (870 Garem 11) - 2953 Tyazegul (995 Kerzi) - 3285 Gaita (1408 Gazomet)


1st dam (3285 Gaita) and 2nd dam (2953 Tyazegul) are introduced above, so let´s continue with following dams:

3rd dam 2471 Tanga (870 Garem 11), dark buckskin, was born in 1983 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. Her first foal was above mentioned Tyazegul, followed in 1989 by her full sister 2952 Tuichi (995 Kerzi), dam of thřee full sisters by Derby winner 1056 Dasht - 3rd placed in Oaks 2950 Toidjakhan, 3984 Tradicia (4th placed in Prize of Gul, dam of Oaks winner Tram-Kan and 2nd placed in Prize of Cherkezova Tama-Kan) and 3986 Triada (Derby winner, dam of extraordinary racehorse Patron, Derby winner Airat or 2nd placed in Oaks Tropa).

Tanga was later sold to Dubna studfarm, where she foaled in 1991 mare 2949 Tepele (1084 Padishah), dam of 1711 Tom (1079 Melesur) and 3983 Toskana, dam of beautiful U.S. stallion Tarzan. In 1994 Tanga foaled 2763 Katrin (1218 Koshili), later dam of endurance horse Kaptain (1626 Pan) or to Australia sold mare Kenar (1507 Eramay). Last foal of Tanga was 2951 Travka, born in 1995.(by 1028 Amelit 12).

4th dam 1834 Pariza (919 Sere), dark buckskin, was born in 1976 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. She is dam of 14 foals, including such mares like 2434 Pudokhan (dam of 1638 Piastr, 3826 Pelen, 1735 Khanbegler, 2889 Pakhta, 1643 Perengistan, etc.), 2883 Pampa (dam of 1166 Gayaz, 1642 Pirakhmed, 1636 Pekhimdar, 3872 Prokhlada, 3868 Primula, 3809 Pamyk, 1723 Fatyh, etc.), 2898 Pinega (dam of 3850 Pleyada, 3828 Pendzhire, etc.), 2471 Tanga (dam of above mentioned 2953 Tyazegul, her full sister 2552 Tuichi or 2949 Tepele) and many other extraordinary horses. 

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