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Whether you look for your soul mate, riding partner or member of your breeding herd, you are at the right place. Our horses are well grown up with plenty of movement, daily handled, fed by balanced ration. Regular trimming, deworming and vaccination is a must for us. And of course, unlimited love.

All of our horses are registered in mother studbook and have VNIIK pedigree passports.

Safna ATT (Saladdin  ATT - Borte MiD), *2024 colt
Fakirpelvan line x Everdy Teleke line, Fantin family

Correct, well balanced colt, with many performers in the pedigree. Can be interesting for sport (endurance, working equitation), or just riding and soul mate for your leisure riding. 

For more information don´t hesitate to contact us. Available after the weaning. 


Phone: + 420 608 607 366 (Czech, English, Russian)

Horses bred/sold by us found their new homes in many different countries, including Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Croatia, Sweden, Dania, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Uruguay, Senegal and of course, Czech Republic.

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