Dastan ATT

Light golden buckskin, *  8.4.2017, breeder Farm Achalteke Tukleky, Czech Republic
Line El-Sovkhoz 2, family Ovgan
Measurements: height 156cm - chest 174cm - cannon 18,5 (10/2019)
Evaluation: type 8,0 x measurements 9,0 x conformation 9,0,  Elite of 1.category (2019, preliminary)

Dastan was born in the beginning of April 2017. He was the first foal of Pomona to be born at our place and his birth was full of expectations , as in previous cases, at other places, Pomona didn´t have milk. But sometimes  miracles happen and this was the case. 

Dastan has a lot of type, attractive color, but what is more important, he posseses good movement qualities, explosive power with extra speed and correct conformation - long sloping shoulder, strong topline and loins and long powerful croup. We hope he will transfer these qualities to his future foals. 



No offspring yet


About the Pedigree

Dastan belongs to Sovkhoz 2 line and is inbred to its founder through stallion 1095 Polot III x IV. He is also inbred IV x V to stallion 1083 Omar, son of race record holder at the distance of 1800m 910 Opal.

Dastan´s sire is stallion Darbek was born in 2009 at K.Zakariev´s farm in Dagestan. Under the ownership of G. Isaev he passed succesful racing career, with two victories (including Otkrytyi Priz), three second places (including Prize of Gundogar and Prize of Zakrytia) and two third places (including Prize of Mazan). At the end of 2015 he was bought by Markus Hubmann and imported to Europe. In 2016 he won the title of Champion of stallions at the Corona Bohemiae Cup, where he was also awarded by Selection Hope title. At same event he won "Evaluation of movement" contest under the saddle. 

Darbek´s sire, 1478 Dartai, was born in 2003 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. He passed succesful racing career as 2-3 y.o., in 10 starts he placed 6 times, including victory in Prize of Absent, 2nd place in the Prize of Budyonny and 3rd place in the Prize of Kazakhstan. He got 7,5 points for performance ability. In 2006 he won title of Champion of the Breed at the Russian Akhalteke championship in Piatigorsk. Dartai offspring is quite succesful at the racetrack, let´s mention Demir-Tau, Darbazan, Darbek or Kyurdamir. 

Darbek´s dam, 3478 Drama, tiny bay mare, was born in 2001 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service. She started career of broodmare

in Dagestan, where she became mother of 4 foals, including Darbek. Later she was sold to Russian owner, but her offspring was not registered.

Dastan´s dam, Pomona, was bred by Altyn-Sutek studfarm in Kazakhstan. As a 2 and 3 y.o. she participated at the championship of Kazakhstan "Absent", where she aquired two third places. She spent some short period at Gurtbil studfarm later and then she was imported to the Czech Republic. She is dam of three foals on the ground, 2015 filly Prima Stamu, 2017 Dastan and 2018 full sister to Dastan, filly Pata-Djan. 

Pomona´s sire Piastr was born in 1998 at the studfarm Stavropol in Russia. He passed extraordinary succesful racing career as a 2-4 y.o. , which included 7 victories , 5 second places and three third places ( Derby) in 16 starts. He was evaluated by 9,5 points out of 10 for workability, same grading he got for the quality of offspring - many of them became very succesful race horses. In 2002 Piastr won the title of Russian Reserve Champion in the category of older stallions. 

Pomona´s dam Olimpia was bred by TOO Ptichii Rynok (later Akhalt-Service studfarm), Russia, in 1997. In 2002 she won the title of World Reserve Champion among older mares (Moscow) and followed the succesf of her younger sister Omelia, who became World champion year before (another full sister, Omega, won the title of Junior World champion in 2003). Olimpia died soon unfortunately, left only two foals, except Pomona breeding stallion 1611 Opium.

Dastan belongs to the family founded by mare 1310 Ovgan. This family is synonymum of working abilities - among their representatives you can find succesful racehorses, same as good jumpers, let´s mention  Opal, Omar, Ormuzd, Ornai, Ovoi, Sengar, Senova, Gumon, Oglan, Oinavach, Oraz Polot, Obereg, Osnova etc. Some of them became succesful at breeding championships (Garajusup, Osnova, Oraz Serdar, Orsiet and above mentioned Omelia, Omega and Olimpia).

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