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Baljan ATT

Buckskin, *8.2.2021, breeder Farm Achalteke Tukleky, Czech Republic
Line El-Sovkhoz 2, family Fantin


Baljan was born out of covering in Kazakhstan at the studfarm Akhal-Teke MiD  as the daughter of Junior Champion of "Star of Turkestan" championship Sammit MiD and Borte, daughter of endurance proven Airat MiD and Champion of Kazakhstan Maslina.

Baljan is active, intelligent lady, fast learning, with great working attitude .

About the Pedigree

Baljan´s sire, Sammit MiD, buckskin, was born in 2010 at the studfarm Akhalteke MiD in Kazakhstan. In 2012 he won the title of Junior champion at the Open championship of Central Asia, "Star of Turkestan" in Tashkent. Except show success, Sammit won 60km  endurance competition.  

Sammit´t sire, 1319 Ailazat, buckskin, was born in 1998 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. As a three years old he got the title of Champion of Dagestan and also Champion of Russia. In 2003 he added the title of Champion of Kazakhstan. He started his breeding career at the homestudfarm, in 2002 was sold to Kazakhstan to Akhalteke MiD studfarm.

Sammit´s dam, 3917 Sargassa, was born in 2003 at the studfarm Veles. She races as a 2 years old in three starts (1x1., 1x3.) and same year she placed 7th at the Championship of Russia. In 2006 was sold to Kazakhstan.

Baljan´s dam Borte, was born in 2017 at the studfarm Achalteke MiD in Kazakhstan and in the autumn 2020 was imported to Czech Republic.

Borte´s sire, Airat (Everdy Teleke line), was born in 2009 at the studfarm Achal-Teke MiD in Kazakhstan. He acquired title of Selection Hope as a 2 years old at the championship of Kazakhstan "Absent 2011", in 2012 he got highest score for type and conformation in the category of 3-4 years old stallions. In 2017 he placed 2nd at 80km CEI* endurance competition in Cholpon Ata (Kyrgizstan). 

Borte´s dam, 3675 Maslina, was born in 2006 at the studfarm Stavropol in Russia, as a younger full sister to Magistral, Russian Junior Champion (Piatigorsk 2003) and Russian Reserve Champion (Piatigorsk 2004), dam of Russian champion Garai or World Reserve champion 2015 Miatadzhi. Maslina herself held family tradition - at the championship of Kazakhstan "Absent 2008", she placed 3rd in the category of 2 y.o. fillies and one year later she won title of Champion of Kazakhstan, together with special "Prize of audience". 

Baljan belongs to Fantin family.

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