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​So, what´s going on our farm?

28. 4. 2024  was born last foal of this year, long legged light buckskin filly Darejan ATT (Dil ATT-Dijanitra ATT).  

12.1. 2024  was born another colt, dark buckskin Safna ATT, by Saladdin ATT, out of Borte MiD. 

7.1. 2024  was born first foal of this year, bay colt Shimgan ATT, by Absolute Champion of Europe 2017 Shergir ATT, out of Fraza-Ser. 

20.8. 2023  was sad day for us, as we had to say good bye to Akhal Teke queen, 25 years old Omeliya. World AT Champion of 2001 was exceptional in every aspect. She let us two colts, Dikran (*2020) and Dil (*2022). R. I. P. Omeliya ...

2023         no foals this year, but you can look forward to 2024 crop. We are

                   expecting three foals (Shergir ATT-Fraza-Ser, Saladdin ATT-Borte MiD 

                   and Dastan ATT-Dijanitra ATT)

1.9.2022  Dakpa Sheri ATT left to her new home in Hungary. 

25.5.2022  was born black filly Fahari ATT, by Champion of the breed and Derby winner Polat-Girei,  out of Fraza Ser.

3.5.2022  Drakkar left to his new home in Belgium.

18.4.2022 was born light buckskin colt Dil ATT, first foal of Dastan ATT and last one out of 24 years old Omeliya.

16.3.2022 was born huge and strong colt Däri-Derman ATT by Darbek, out of Borte MiD

28.1.2022 was born first foal of this year and also first foal by Shergir ATT - black filly Dakpa Sheri ATT (out of Dijanitra ATT)

19.12.2021 new Teke lady was imported from Russia, black daughter of succesful racehorse Raspadok, Fraza-Ser.

3.11.2021 arrived new stallion from Russia to us, Tomagavk-Ser, in the ownership of Darbek´s owner Mag. Markus Hubmann from Austria.

26.8.2021  Drakkar is sold and now waiting to be weaned and transported to his new home in Belgium. Congratulations to Simone Michels! 

26.8.2021  life journey of our young filly Pata-Djan ended unfortunately due to fatal injury. 

6.7.2021 Jaiji left to her new home in Sweden. Congratulations to Lotta Nilsson! We wish you all the best with this special filly!

9.5.2021 Ensi left to her new home in Poland. Congratulations to Marek and Oksana Kmiecik!

7.5.2021 was born colt Drakkar ATT, by Darbek, out of Jana-Jan.

13.2.2021  Dadgar ATT left to his new home in Hungary. Congratulations to Jozsef Kovacs and good luck with this extraordinary guy!

8.2.2021  was born promising filly Baljan ATT, by Sammit MiD (Junior Champion of the Open Central Asian AT Championship "Star of Turkestan"), out of Borte MiD (daughter of endurance proven Airat MiD and Champion of Kazakhstan Maslina).

12.1.2021  Darien ATT left to his new owner Lotta Nilsson in Sweden. Congratulations!

7.12..2020 Alcippe ATT left to her new home in Belgium to join Akhal Teke herd of Simone Michels. Congratulations and good luck!  

15.10.2020 new arrival on our farm - 3 years old Borte MiD, daughter of Kazakhstan champion Maslina, arrived to join our breeding stock. 

13.10.2020 Alcippe ATT, ourbred mare, returned to our ownership to be member of the broodmares herd. 

18.9.2020  Darab ATT  left to his new owner, Mrs. Tatiana Pielaszek, Poland.  Congratulations and hope to see this pair in dressage competitions in near future.

12.6.2020  Janan ATT left to her new home in Germany - congratulations to Meyke Kalms! We wish all the best and hope Janan will be good endurance partner in future.

10.6.2020  Darien ATT reserved - congratulations to Lotta Nillson from Sweden for acquiring this athletic, charming chap!

1.6.2020  Pomona and Djangir ATT left to their new homes - Pomona to Dania and Djangir to Nellie Tenger in Sweden. Congratulations!

30.5.2020  Samurai and Dalir moved to their new home in Croatia, to widespread Akhal Teke herd of Mr. Goran Voloder. We wish them good luck - Samurai to give some more quality foals and make deeper print in European Teke breeding through his offspring and Dalir to fullfill hopes as a future sire.

22.5.2020  was born palomino colt Dikran ATT (Darbek-Omelia).

21.5.2020  was born light bay colt Darien ATT (Darbek - Jana-Jan), full borther to one year older Dadgar ATT. 


20.3.2020 Gisi left to new home - congratulations to Mrs. Monika Dvorakova!

20.3.2020 we obtained results of grading of some of our horses from last year (Saladdin, Dastan, Jangi, Gisi, Janan, Darab, Pata-Djan).

1.3.2020 SPECIAL TIME LIMITED OFFER OF SOME OF OUR AKHALTEKE HORSES - prices start at 1500 EUR. For more information don´t hesitate to contact us. This special offer is valid till the end of March 2020.

22.2.2020 was born first baby of this year - filly Jaiji ATT (Darbek-Jangi), full sister to Darab and Djangir. 

1.1.2020 Happy New Year! May the stars watch over you!

22.9.2019 Another victory for Darakhshan (Gumon-Davenda) and Michaela Hohlstein in Hohe Strecke endurance competition (86 km), plus Best Condition prize. Congratulations!

16.8.2019 Petra was the member of judging team at 4th Tehran Turkmen Horseshow in Iran. 

14.6.2019 was born our last foal of this year - and again colt! This time by Darbek, out of Dijanitra ATT. Colt got name Dalir ATT (means "Brave"). Dalir is long-legged, long-necked guy, in many traits similar to his maternal grandfather Germes.


1.6.2019 was born bay colt Dadgar ATT (means "Judge"), by Darbek, out of Jana-Jan. Dadgar is half-brother to Absolute European Champion of 2017 Shergir and same as his older brother he has a lot of type and charm. 


18.5.2019 great news from Germany! Michaela Hohlstein with ourbred mare Darakhshan (Gumon-Davenda) achieved 4 consecutive victory in endurance competition, this time in Hohenholz ride at the distance of 86 km. This pair is really extraordinary team and we wish them all the best for the future! 

2.-5.5.2019  Petra has the honour to be part of the judging team at Open Akhal Teke Championship of Uzbekistan, "Pearl of East", together with A.S. Klimuk, K. Pusepp and M. Hubmann. Thanks a lot to the organizers for the invitation and possibility to see so many beautiful Tekes. 

20.3.2019 first foal of this year was born - strong colt Djangir ATT, by Darbek, out of Jangi. Djangir is full brother to 2017 promising colt Darab ATT.

6.1.2019 beautiful Sipahi ATT (Samurai-Jana-Jan) left to his new owner, Ms. Carolin Spesshardt. Congratulations!

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